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Find Real Estate for sale by owner (FSBO) in Addison .

Are you in the market for Addison residential property, but may need a lease with the option to buy because your credit score is less than perfect? Perhaps a perfect score is just a year away, but you need to relocate now? Addison FSBOs are sometimes more willing to lease first if it means it will turn into a sale within a year or two. If you go through an agent, most want to see pre-approval financing first before showing any Addison houses.

Selling a home directly to buyers vs using a real estate agency can save money off commission fees if you don’t mind handling all correspondence of potential buyers yourself. If you’re buying Addison property from a private seller make sure your real estate contract is drawn through a knowledgeable professional so both parties’ interests are protected. Research the Addison area well before you decide; crime rates, traffic, and bad schools can be deal breakers for some buyers.

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